5 Healthy Picnic Snacks

Organize the perfect picnic this year with these easy-to-prepare and easy to pack snacks and drinks.

Croissant Sandwich

Whip up this tasty sandwich in no time and pack it with you for a perfect summer picnic meal that’s both healthy and hearty.

Picnic Salad Recipe

Nothing is as refreshing as a tasty, crispy salad on a summer day. Try this recipe and store the salad in a tupperware for easy transport.

Avocado Banana Bread

For a healthy and filling snack, bring along some homemade, mess-free avocado banana bread.

Green Iced Tea

Stay cool and enjoy your picnic longer by packing some refreshing and surprisingly healthy iced tea with you.

Apple and Cinnamon Tartlets

Prepare these tartlets the day before your picnic and pack them with you the next day to enjoy a delectable dessert. The perfect end to the perfect picnic.

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